The Challenge

The Food Patrol program is about getting fast weight loss results in a way that will not compromise your health or deprive your body of the essential nutrients that it requires.

Unfortunately many people believe that in order to achieve fast weight loss, they need to take part in silly gimmicks that revolve around sucking on lemons, starving themselves or consuming useless pills and potions . Not only does this revolving door to failure lead to disappointment, but it also creates a bottomless pit of financial waste.

  • NO calorie counting.
  • NO weighing your food.
  • NO going hungry.
  • NO confusing technical jargon.
  • NO ridiculous, over priced gadgets that fold & store under your bed.
  • Lose 2 to 8 Kilos in the first week alone.
  • Discover powerful food combinations that will shred fat at a record pace.
  • Minimal effort, 'MAXIMUM' results!
  • All foods prescribed in the Food Patrol's eating plan can be purchased from your local supermarket.

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Before82kg After66kg Kate


All I can say is that the Food Patrol’s ‘Secret to Maximum Fat Loss’ program has changed my life, my way of thinking, and my confidence.
Before114kg After87kg Beby


By following the Food Patrol their program I have lost 27kg and added many years to my life. I owe my life to the Food Patrol team.
Before65kg After53kg Nikki

Nikki LOST 12KG IN 90 DAYS

I don't take anti-depressant meds anymore and I am fit, happy and healthy. I now look and feel younger and am setting new goals all the time. I've never looked this good.
The Healthy Way

The Healthy Way

The Food Patrol's amazing , yet simple program, is a 'complete eating and exercise system' that educates participants from all walks of life, with 'ALL' the key elements required to achieve accelerated Fat Loss over a very short period of time.

By using the Food Patrol's unique and individualized 'Serving Size' formula to determine the serving size of the meals you eat, unnecessary hunger pains will never again deter you from achieving any weight loss goal you desire. Join thousands of Australians that have already lost up to 40 kilos of Body Fat in only 90 days, by 'actually eating more food'.

How does the program work?

If you are serious about shedding weight quickly then all you need to do is follow The Food Patrol's simple steps below:

arow Step 1.

Step 1.

First and foremost - you must be mentally prepared to commit the next 90 days to 'YOU'. Once you have done this, you will be ready to purchase your 'Pack' and undertake the Food Patrol's accelerated Fat Loss program with an enthusiasm that will 'GUARANTEE' fast and permanent weight loss.

arow Step 2.

Step 2.

Purchase a Food Patrol 'Starter Pack' - The Food Patrol recommend a 'SUPER - Starter Pack' as it includes 2-3 weeks supply of snacks, and most importantly 90 Day VIP Email Support. This way any questions you have will be answered by the Food Patrol team allowing you to proceed through the program with 'NO' guess work, which will ultimately fast track you to achieve the results you desire with flying colors.

arow Step 3.

Step 3.

Read your 'Secret To Maximum Fat Loss in 90 Days' book (included in your Starter Pack) from start to finish - so you can familiarize yourself with 'ALL' the necessary pieces to the Food Patrol's accelerated Fat Loss puzzle.

arow Step 4.

Step 4.

Implement the Food Patrol's eating and exercise (optional) plans - as described in your 'Secret To Maximum Fat Loss in 90 Days' book. Be aware though, that the closer you follow 'ALL' the recommendations and suggestions in The Food Patrol's 'Secret to Maximum Fat Loss in 90 Days' book, the more outstanding your results will be.

Step 5.

Step 5.

Buckle up - and prepare to achieve Fat Loss in way that you never thought possible.

What will you be eating?

Simply put, most participants of the Food Patrol program consume the following on a daily basis:

  1. Three hearty Food Patrol Approved 'Bullseye' Meals (as described in your "Secret to Maximum Fat Loss in 90 Days" handbook).
  2. Three Food Patrol 'Ultimate Body Transformation' Snacks.

There is absolutely no doubt that the Food Patrol Program, when implemented, will speed stream your Fat Loss efforts until your ultimate weight loss goals are achieved. The Food Patrol's unique and 'patented' eating plan is described in detail in the Food Patrol's 'Secret to Maximum Fat Loss in 90 Days' handbook.

It is not uncommon for participants to shed up to 20 kilos by implementing the Food Patrol's eating principals alone, and in excess of 40 kilos by also incorporating the exercise component of our program.

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