Success Stories

Before71kg After57kg Lynne

Lynne LOST 14KG IN 90 DAYS

I look forward to every day and now have a burning desire to live life to its fullest. Thank you soooo much Food Patrol! You have changed my life!
Before93kg After81kg Commissioner Anis (George)

Commissioner Anis (George) LOST 12KG IN 90 DAYS

By implementing the Food Patrol's eating and exercise program you will not only lose weight, but you will arm yourself with the tools to create a 'World Class Physique' in a matter of a few short months.
Before83kg After66kg Donna

Donna LOST 17KG IN 90 DAYS

The Food Patrol program is by far the most amazing program I have ever come across. I have now maintained my loss for over 18 months and feel absolutely fantastic.
Before114kg After87kg Beby


By following the Food Patrol their program I have lost 27kg and added many years to my life. I owe my life to the Food Patrol team.
Before82kg After66kg Kate


All I can say is that the Food Patrol’s ‘Secret to Maximum Fat Loss’ program has changed my life, my way of thinking, and my confidence.
Before91kg After78kg Sean


Now at 38 years of age I am in the best shape of my life and I will never again look the way I did before – and that’s a promise. Thank you Food Patrol.
Before65kg After53kg Nikki

Nikki LOST 12KG IN 90 DAYS

I don't take anti-depressant meds anymore and I am fit, happy and healthy. I now look and feel younger and am setting new goals all the time. I've never looked this good.
Before96kg After71kg Jeffrey

Jeffrey LOST 25KG IN 90 DAYS

If someone had said to me at the start of this challenge - 'You are going to lose 25kg in 90 days', I would have laughed at them.
Before83kg After55kg Carley

Carley LOST 28KG

If I can do this, anyone can - I'll never look back from this, and I don't believe this is the end of my journey either. Thank you Food Patrol !
Before120kg After70kg Paul


I truly believe that this is NOT just a ‘90 Day Body SuperChallenge’, but in actual fact, a ‘90 Day Ultimate Life Transformation Revolution’ - ready for anyone that is willing.
Before80kg After65kg Hayley

Hayley LOST 15KG IN 90 DAYS

I gave this challenge EVERYTHING I had to give and I am now feeling healthier and happier about myself than I have ever felt in my entire 32 years of life. I am a new person and will never go back to my unhealthy, unhappy ways.
Before127kg After85kg Trent

Trent LOST 42KG IN 90 DAYS

Not only did I reach my goal of 85kg in the 90 days, but also I am now a non-diabetic. I have normal blood and cholesterol readings and I am fighting fit with energy to burn.
Before104kg After77kg Sherry

Sherry LOST 27KG IN 90 DAYS

Shedding 27 kilos in only 90 days is a completely amazing result. I focused and stuck to the program and my results just followed. Best of all however - I am loving life again!
Before93kg After71kg Andrew

Andrew LOST 22KG IN 90 DAYS

Wow what a Journey - I lost 22 kilos and I honestly cannot believe it. It has changed my life. I also no longer need to take blood pressure tablets.
Before90kg After70kg Tracey

Tracey LOST 20KG IN 90 DAYS

I am so proud of myself and my eight year old daughter is so proud of me that she is telling all her friends. My kids get a more vibrant mother & my husband a hotter wife!
Before104kg After83kg Chris

Chris LOST 21KG IN 90 DAYS

After finishing the 90 day super challenge I feel youthful and proud of my achievements. I've lost 21 kgs and feel energized in a way I have never felt before.
Before88kg After53kg Melissa

Melissa LOST 35KG

Using The Food Patrol's ‘Secret to Maximum Fat Loss’ principals, I got in the best shape of my entire life. At 35 years old, and at only 53 kilos, I feel like a teenager again.
Before117kg After94kg Derek

Derek LOST 23KG IN 90 DAYS

I finished the challenge at 94 kgs - losing over 23kgs. Thanks to the Commissioner and the whole Food Patrol set up, I've never looked like this.
Before75kg After54kg Amanda

Amanda LOST 21KG IN 150 DAYS

As a mother of four I needed an easy program to adhere to, and managed to shed 21 kilos in a period of 5 months using the ‘Secret to Maximum Fat Loss in 90 days’ program.
Before99kg After70kg Gaston

Gaston LOST 29KG IN 180 DAYS

Achieving a sixpack has always been a distant dream for me. I have always exercised but have never really implemented a eating plan that gets such massive fat loss results so quickly.
Before60kg After47kg Angela

Angela LOST 13KG IN 90 DAYS

Wow, what a journey. I started at 60kg & 32% body fat and have finished @ 47kg with 16% body fat. A total loss of 13kgs & halved my body fat.
Before85kg After75kg Patrolman Sheriff (Glen)

Patrolman Sheriff (Glen) LOST 10KG IN 90 DAYS

The Food Patrol's 'Secret to Maximum Fat Loss in 90 Days' program produces amazing results when all the pieces to the puzzle are implemented for the full 90 day duration.
Before63kg After53kg Dana


Thanks to the Food Patrol's 'Secret to Maximum Fat Loss in 90 Days' program, I feel fitter, stronger, healthier and more toned than I have ever looked in my life.
Before102kg After82kg Jason

Jason LOST 20KG IN 90 DAYS

I feel great….. better then great - I feel fantastic.. I feel I have more energy and am healthier and happier, and my wife can’t keep her hands off me.
Before77kg After60kg Dee-Ann

Dee-Ann LOST 17KG IN 90 DAYS

When I compared my after photos I was shocked to see how much I had changed my body. I now weighed 60 kg - that’s 17 kilos of Fat gone. I now feel terrific and am adamant I will never get back to my old habits.
Before108kg After77kg Michael

Michael LOST 31KG IN 90 DAYS

So here I am at 77 kilos and 31 kilos lighter. Thanks you to all The Food Patrol team for an excellent program that is both simple to follow, and very rewarding.
Before82kg After65kg Katrina

Katrina LOST 17KG IN 90 DAYS

So a very big THANK YOU to Food Patrol for making the 90 Day Challenge available to people like me. It has changed my life and I look forward to never seeing the old me again.
Before108kg After91kg Norm


I really want to thank the Food Patrol team for the support of this excellent program. The amount of knowledge I have learnt in regards to my body nutrition and eating has transformed our whole families eating habits.
Before85kg After67kg Natalie

Natalie LOST 18KG IN 90 DAYS

I can not believe I lost 18 kgs and 104 cms off my body. I am proud of myself, and my family are proud of what I have achieved during the Food Patrol's 90 day challenge.
Before108kg After87kg Steve

Steve LOST 21KG IN 90 DAYS

Well, what can I say? Here I am looking into the mirror after only 90 Days and the guy looking back at me is someone I hardly recognise !
Before88kg After73kg Tennielle

Tennielle LOST 15KG IN 90 DAYS

I went from the chubby overindulgent lazy person, to a motivated, confident woman with the ability to achieve anything I put my mind to.

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