About Us

The Food Patrol program is about getting fast weight loss results in a way that will not compromise your health or deprive your body of the essential nutrients that it requires.

The Food Patrol’s ‘Secret to Maximum Fat Loss in 90 Days’ patented system has taken Australia by Storm, with thousands of everyday Men and Women transforming their lives and bodies in as little as 90 days. Unfortunately many people feel that they are incapable of achieving physiques that compare to movie stars, professional athletes or supermodels, however the phenomenal transformations that have been achieved by everyday men and women who have participated in the Food Patrol program, cannot be disputed. Click on ‘SUCCESS STORIES’ link above to view just some of the amazing transformations that Food Patrol participants have achieved.

The Food Patrol likes to promote fun.

Over the years we have found that most people associate Weight Loss with feelings of Hunger, Pain, Boredom, Deprivation but most of all “NOT FUN” – therefor the Food Patrol likes to add a component fun to the Fat Loss process. They perform random raids on Participants at Home, at Work, or at the Gym. Bags and fridges are searched, food diaries are examined, on the spot blood sugar tests are performed, and infringement notices are issued if participants are found to be straying from the ‘Secret to Maximum Fat Loss’ principals. This is ‘NOT’ a compulsory component to the program, however participants are always welcome to participate.

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